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Utility Customer Form
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Final reading will be based on this date

Final billing will be sent to the e-mail above to seller and is due prior to closing date.  Utility bill amounts due stay with the property and must be paid by closing.  New owners assure this village code requires the amount to be a debit to your account if unpaid by the seller.  

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Utility Customers  please complete the  Utility Customer form for new service or to change services.  Malta services include water & wastewater.

Malta is under contract with Waste Management for garbage service. All residential customers are required to use Waste Management only.   Contact Waste Management to cancel service if you are moving out of Malta or to set up new service.  New service must be set up in order to submit the Customer Form.

Waste Management 800-964-8988

Billing Dates: 

Jan.-Feb.   billed March 10 due April 10

Mar.-Apr. billed May 10 due June 10 

May-June billed July 10 due Aug 10 

July-Aug. billed Sept. 10 due Oct. 10 

Sept.-Oct. billed Nov. 10 due Dec. 10 

Nov. -Dec. billed Jan. 10 due Feb. 10 

Unpaid bills are subject to a 10% late fee and a $35.00 penalty fee.  

Payments are accepted at: Village Hall, Resource Bank or  on-line credit card.

Contact us with any questions 

815-825-2330 ext.1

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