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Tradition of Togetherness

There is a reason why Village of Malta is such a wonderful place to live and visit: the people. No matter their age or background, each individual who calls Village of Malta home is passionate about making it the exceptional Village that it is. Come visit and see so for yourself!



Lions Park Shelter House Rental  
Please complete form and submit to the Village of Malta - There is no charge for shelter house use for residents of Malta, a $200.00 security deposit is required for damages and excess cleaning fees for all users.  Deposit is returned if there are no issues.  

About the shelter house:    Inside there are refrigerators and sink/serving area.  Sides lift on the building (only open 2 - this is a 2 person job for safety reasons).  There are 3 -8' tables and chairs for 20 people.   The park restrooms are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. they are on an automatic locking system.  

Please stop by Village Hall to pick up a key during regular business hours if you would like to look inside the building. 

Pick up the key prior to rental at Village Hall.  


  This is a rental request only, rentals are not secured until we receive the security deposit payment, a waiver of liability is signed and rental is approved.  Liquor is not permitted without a certificate of insurance ($1,000,000 policy for liquor) naming the Village of Malta additionally insured and approval of the liquor commissioner.  Any amusement devices (bounce houses or other amusements) must be approved and a certificate of insurance naming the Village of Malta additionally insured is required prior to the rental, no exceptions. Certificates of Insurance can take up to 2 weeks please plan accordingly.

  Please allow 2 business days for us to review your request and contact you.  Contact us with any questions at: 815-825-2330 ext. 5 or 1

  By checking the below box I understand that all information submitted is true and correct, and that I am solely responsible for any property damage or personal injuries during rental. I hold the Village of Malta, its employees, and agents harmless of any liability.  I understand that I must leave the shelter house in the condition found to avoid paying any cleaning fees from the deposit. 

Thank you, please allow 2 business days for us to review your application and contact you.

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